Sip It: Time to Wake Up and Smell the Caffè Latte Macchiato Espresso Mocha

Residents of Blossom Plaza’s apartments for rent in Chinatown know right where to go for that first cup of the day!


Call it what you will – java, morning joe, mud, go juice, high octane, your cuppa or for you science geeks out there, C8H10N4O2 – it’s that steaming, stunning, eye-opening beverage you can’t (or won’t, if you’re being honest) start your day without: COFFEE!


Morning coffee is every bit as important to the start of your day as happy hour is to the end. When both of them are going well, you can be pretty sure the middle will follow suit. That’s where Blossom Plaza’s Los Angeles, CA, apartments give you a huge advantage, with a location near a world of wonderful places to start and finish your day.


For now, let’s concentrate on getting you up to work speed after you roll out of bed. With so many coffee venues, this is a neighborhood where even if it’s sunny, it’s pouring. So, to speed your search along, here’s a list of five top-notch places to find the right brew for you:


Coffee Hall Chinatown – 970 N. Broadway

“It’s just over in the Mandarin Plaza next door and has a rotating pop-up of different roasters. Best way to try different roasters and get your caffeine fix! They even have ping pong tables and tournaments there!” —Stefanie C.



Endorffeine – 727 N. Broadway

“It’s not even comparable to Starbucks as the quality is that much higher… For around $5, their cappuccino always hits the spot for me…If you need coffee and you’re in the area, definitely check this place out…definitely worth the stop.” —Payam Ali K.



Cognoscenti Coffee – 868 S. Olive St.

“Cognoscenti is a nice, clean new neighborhood coffee place in a neighborhood that’s already full of them. But, with a nice vibe and great, non-bitter, almost fruity tasting drip, I hope they’re here for a long time.” —Marc D.



Verve Coffee Roasters – 833 S. Spring St.

“Best coffee shop in DTLA, Period. First, the location is very nice and has great outdoor seating. The coffee is great and they also serve juice. Staff is very friendly. Great music…and free [Wi-Fi]. Def a must.” —Al G.



Chimney Coffee House – 1100 N. Main St.

“All of our coffees are roasted by chimney here in Los Angeles. We carefully select new free trade varieties every month from around the world because we want  our customers to take part in our obsessive search for the perfect cup.” — CCH Website



BTW, if you’re a die-hard Starbucks fan, no worries – the neighborhood has plenty of them. So grab a cup, take a few sips, then march your perky self over to the apartments for rent in Chinatown beloved by coffee lovers everywhere – at Blossom Plaza.