The Second City: The First Choice for Funny

Something funny’s going on near Blossom Plaza’s Downtown LA apartments…and you’re gonna love it!


Here in the comfortable surroundings of our wonderful Chinatown apartments, we hate to name drop, but – oh, who are we kidding… We LOVE it! Otherwise, what’s the point of living in LA?!?! OF COURSE we’re going to drop every name we can!!


For example, we might start with an off-handed reference to “Blossom Plaza”; then perhaps go on to casually mention a few notable alumni of The Second City, like Amy Poehler, Bob Odenkirk, Jason Sudeikis, Steve Carell, “Homer” Castellaneta (D’oh!), Stephen Colbert, Bill Murray, Tina Fey, Keenan-Michael Key, Jeff Garlin, Martin Short – need we go on here?


Truth be told, we could easily drop a zillion more names like those…but enough about us. Do you like comedy in the first degree? Then The Second City is where you need to be. Okay, that was about you, now back to us.


Second City’s website says it best:


“The Second City opened its doors on a snowy Chicago night in December of 1959 and has been entertaining sold-out audiences ever since…[It] has…grown to become the world’s premier comedy club, theatre and school of improvisation – with live shows every night in Chicago, Toronto and Hollywood…[Their] unique way of fostering talent has provided generation after generation of the world’s most iconic comedians, actors, writers, directors and leaders.”


So, if you’re serious about comedy, seriously consider Second City, where you just might see the next Tina Fey or Steve Carell for as little as $5. Then, give serious thought to the advantages of living in any community of Chinatown Los Angeles apartments named “Blossom Plaza” and take a tour – or two – today.


Meanwhile, here’s where you’ll find The Second City:

6560 Hollywood Blvd., 
Hollywood, CA 90028


Have fun!