Hike It: Your LA Trail to Scale Is Just Minutes Away

Join the residents of Blossom Plaza’s Downtown LA apartments on their way to the top…of the next hill.


As part of our Urban Survival Tips series, Blossom Plaza’s apartments in Chinatown Los Angeles present a surefire way to tell New Yorkers from Angelenos: just tell them to “take a hike” and watch what happens. New Yorkers will most likely have a negative reaction, since that phrase is how they communicate their desire to have you remove yourself from their immediate vicinity. (Not to be confused with “gidaddaheah”, which also serves as an expression of disbelief, as in…


YOU: “In LA, the temperature stays in the 70’s, all year ‘round.” NEW YORKER: “Gidaddaheah! For real?!”)


On the other hand (or coast), say the same thing to a resident of our Los Angeles, CA, apartments and they’ll smile and thank you for such a lovely invitation. Hiking in Los Angeles is the city’s activity of choice, not only for the cardio workout it offers, but also for the miles and miles of equally breathtaking natural beauty of most of LA’s hiking trails.


Here are a few suggestions that are well within striking (or hiking) distance of Blossom Plaza. Now gidaddaheah and get some fresh air!


In nearby Echo Park, you’ll discover the hidden beauty of Elysian Park, where you can get “lost in an urban forest”. To challenge you, Echo Park also features the 231-step Baxter Stairs. Make it to the top and you’re rewarded with panoramic views of the city and the suburbs, the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory. (And if you’d like to read about all 42 of LA’s stairway walks, we’ve got just the book for you!)


Head a little further out and 35 acres of scenic splendor await you on the slopes of Mt. Washington. It’s called Elyria Canyon Park and its network of trails “meanders through fragrant communities of coastal sage scrub, chaparral, grassland and purple needlegrass” before eventually leading to incredible vistas of the city and the Los Angeles River.


Still within five miles of Blossom Plaza, the answer is: this park is named after the game show host who graciously donated it to the city. If you said, “What is the Trebek Open Space” you’d be correct. Its 62 acres are crisscrossed with broad paths (fire roads) and blessed with vantage points that let you see from Catalina Island to Santa Monica to Mt. Baldy and Cucamonga Peak. So your chances of having a great hike are never in – jeopardy.


Before you head off into the hills, why not hike over to Blossom Plaza and take a tour of our outstanding Chinatown apartments. It could be the best view you see all day.