See It: Eastern Projects Elevates the Blossom Scene

Blossom Plaza’s Chinatown apartments aren’t the only new addition to the DTLA scene. Our building is supplying the area with 20,000 sq. ft. of ground-floor retail space to be enjoyed by our residents and community members alike.


Most recently, Eastern Projects’ pop-up art gallery has taken over a portion of Blossom Plaza’s retail space. This unique team of artists has successfully transformed this space into a passageway that whisks visitors off into the captivating world of contemporary art.


To summarize the experience:


“Eastern Projects, spearheaded by Rigo Jimenez and Hussein Katz, is an evolving art gallery located at Blossom Plaza in LA’s Chinatown. Every 4 to 6 weeks, the gallery will host a new show of contemporary artists that’s built around a particular theme. The current show, which opened during the last Chinatown Summer Nights, features Chicano-American-Angeleno artists. The next, which opens in early October, will feature emerging and established Los Angeles area photographers. Shows will continue through 2017.” – Nate Arnold, Senior Construction Project Manager




Head to Chinatown to admire Jimenez and Katz’s works of art and to discover a community that is truly elevating the way you can live in Downtown LA.


Interested in joining Blossom Plaza’s retail space? Contact Danielle or Lorena for additional details.



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