#DiscoverBlossom’s Three-Step Guide to Winning $500


Blossom Plaza is bringing Angelenos a new way to rent in Downtown LA. Our adventure begins with the moment of discovery. When you find something new and your life becomes better.


To celebrate our arrival, we wanted to paint this magical moment of discovery throughout the streets of Downtown LA. After reality set in, we came down from cloud nine with the quick realization that this would be highly illegal. So, instead of painting, we’ve launched our #DiscoverBlossom scavenger hunt!


A series of four posters featuring point values of 10, 25, 50 and 100 have been hung in 20 various locations throughout Downtown LA and are waiting to be found, snapped and shared. The points add up and the contestants with the top three point values on July 6 will win $500, $300 and $100 respectively.


At this point, we can tell there’s only one thing running quietly through your mind…HOW DO I ENTER?!?!?!


Easy! Just follow these three steps and you’ll be on your way to winning hundreds of dollars! #SSC – Summer Spending Cash!


Step 1 – Find the posters! We’ve leaked VERY suggestive hints as to where our posters are located. Head to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts to find the ones closest to you!


P.S. These are what you’re looking for ^^


Step 2 – Snap a shot of the posters you’ve found and share them on social using #DiscoverBlossom.

Posters in location collage


Step 3 – WIN! Have one of the top three cumulative point values before July 6 for your chance to win $500, $300 or $100!



Added bonus: The posters change weekly at any given location, so keep your eyes out and don’t be afraid to hit up your favorite hot spots more than once.


Finding a great apartment in Downtown LA used to be hard. With Blossom Plaza, it’s now easy. Let’s see if you can make winning $500 easy, too!


Happy hunting! 🙂