Clock It: The Happiest Hours Are Ours

Residents of Blossom Plaza’s apartments in Chinatown Los Angeles enjoy 24 happy hours a day, every day!


You may not want to hear it but someone’s got to say it: as event names go, “happy hour” bites! It sounds so limiting, like, what – you’re supposed to check your watch when you order your drinks and appies and be done and out the door exactly 60 minutes later?


Nonsense! Happy hour is a concept, too vast to be bound by chronological correctness. It can happen morning, noon or night. It can last a few hours or, on special occasions like bachelor/ette parties, a few days. It’s totally up to you. And once you’ve unburdened yourself of the tyranny of time limits, it’s time to celebrate at the top five happy hours – better name: happy times – in town, chosen for their uncompromising quality and “delicious fare at great values” by Discover Los Angeles, and all just moments from Blossom Plaza’s Downtown LA apartments!



“Cole’s, the landmark Downtown L.A. restaurant that claims – along with rival Philippe – to be the originator of the French Dip, offers numerous happy hours in its famed Red Car Bar. The best one is all day and night on Tuesday.”



“It’s always a good time to visit this Silver Lake hidden gem, with its rustic interior bar and charming covered patio, but visiting on Thursdays for their Oyster Happy Hour is as good a time as any.”



“It doesn’t get more high end than a restaurant focused on caviar, and we’re all the luckier for the fact that Petrossian features a weekday happy hour in their boutique and patio. Visitors get to experience bites like Caviar Deviled Eggs ($10), Croque Madame ($16) and even Caviar for Two ($49)…”



“‘Fiesta Hour’ is the time to be at the Downtown L.A. location of Jimmy Shaw’s Loteria Grill, located at FIGat7th. Held everyday from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m., it’s a generous timeframe to enjoy appetizers that are priced at $6 and drinks from $5 – $8.”



“Try Ernesto Uchimura’s specials, like a Green Pimento Burger for $8 or a Smokey Fried Chicken Sandwich for $9. Side that up with a delicious cocktail, such as the Tropical Dairy or the Slow & Low Old Fashioned for $6 each.”


As wonderful as these options are, they still can’t match the unending joy you feel coming home to Blossom Plaza’s exquisitely comfortable Chinatown apartments and eminently enjoyable amenities. So why wait another minute…when the happiest hours of all are waiting for you at Blossom Plaza. Come take a tour today!