You'll love living in an apartment in Chinatown, Los Angeles

  • June 7, 2017

    Savor It: Amenity Spaces That Make Summer Perfect

    Blossom Plaza’s Chinatown apartments capture the purest essence of summer.   Outdoor amenity spaces are most frequently enjoyed in the warm summer months. Although comparatively Los Angeles doesn’t get too cold, summer always provides the perfect excuse to get outdoors!   While rooftop bars, a chill beer garden or a long hike supply an irresistible […]

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  • October 28, 2016

    Serve It: Three Places to Impress Your Guests with Your Culinary Artistry

    With any event involving food, space is often the most frustrating issue for the host, as many factors go into selecting the perfect venue. However, at Blossom Plaza’s Downtown Los Angeles apartments, this venue issue has been forever resolved – which, as any Angeleno will tell you, is a rarity. Read More

  • September 6, 2016

    Save It: Three Reasons You Can Ditch the Gas Guzzlers at Blossom Plaza

    We know that getting around Downtown L.A. and the general L.A. area can not only take more time than we’d like, but it can also put an unwanted dent in that wallet. That’s why it was important to us to make sure our residents had other options and amenities that would allow them to live a gas-free lifestyle, if they wanted! Read More

  • August 2, 2016

    Work It: In Our Expansive Fitness Center

    At Blossom Plaza, you don't have to leave your community to get a great workout – because what better motivation is there to stay healthy and in shape than to have top-of-the-line equipment at your fingertips? Read More

Chinatown has an energy like no other neighborhood in Downtown LA. And you can experience it all from your home at Blossom Plaza. Check out what’s going on just steps away.