Just Brew It: Downtown LA’s Bikeable Brew Tour

Bike rides at Blossom Plaza’s Chinatown apartments are more fun when the destinations are filled with spirits!


Blossom Plaza has fully equipped our Chinatown apartment community with bike-friendly swag so that residents have the freedom to get their Tour de LA on.


With protective bike storage and close proximity to the heart of Downtown LA, residents are provided with a slew of vibrant biking options. Among the most appealing, we propose you add some spirit to your ride and embark on this bikeable brew tour through the neighborhood around our apartments for rent in Chinatown.


San Antonio Winery

Delicious food, wine tours and daily tastings are available at Los Angeles’ only producing historical winery.


Location: 737 Lamar St., Los Angeles, CA, 90031

Distance from Blossom Plaza: 1.3 miles | 7-minute bike ride

Distance to Next Stop: 2.1 miles


Boomtown Brewery

“The arts industry in Los Angeles remains one of the most influential in the world, thus creating an undying boom that has made this city, and its inhabitants, the mecca of creativity it is today. It is with that in mind that we embarked on a journey to bring artisan beer to those artists, and to embrace both their creativity and community.  Boomtown Brewery…will be a showcase for local artists through events, galleries, and by simply being a creative local establishment.”


Location: 700 Jackson St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Distance from Blossom Plaza: 1.3 miles | 8-minute bike ride

Distance to Next Stop: 0.7 miles


Angel City Brewery

Serving some of LA’s finest craft beers, this brewery remains active in the community by hosting events that include: art galleries, farmers market, run + yoga + beer event, flea markets, etc.


Location: 216 S. Alameda St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

Distance from Blossom Plaza: 1.6 miles | 12-minute bike ride

Distance to Next Stop: 0.6 miles

Women toasting with beer bottles at table in outdoor café

Mumford Brewing

“Love the beers, love the people. Nice open room with games. You can bring in your own food and snacks. Every time we come I get a La Crema crowler to take home.” – Crystal M.


Location: 416 Boyd St., Los Angeles, CA 90013

Distance from Blossom Plaza: 1.6 miles | 13-minute bike ride

Distance to Next Stop: 1.1 miles


Bonaventure Brewing Co.

“Great Service All Around!  Food is great, Beer is delicious, Atmosphere is very Nice! Great place for a date, happy hour, night out, you name it!  Thank You!” – Duvel R.


Location: 404 S. Figueroa St., Los Angeles, CA, 90071

Distance Back to Blossom Plaza: 1.9 miles | 13-minute bike ride


Location is one of the best parts about living in a DTLA apartment, by virtue of the fact that it provides the constant opportunity for adventure! So why not take a leap and begin your adventure by contacting us and scheduling your tour of Blossom Plaza’s Chinatown apartments today!